Corpus Christi Urology Group website goes live

We’re excited to announce the official launch of  Corpus Christi Urology Group (CCUG) is the premier team of urology experts headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas, with offices throughout the Coastal Bend, including Rockport, Kingsville and Beeville.

We are so thrilled at the opportunity to work with this group, as they came to us as a referral from another longtime valued client, Coastal Bend Medical Group Management Association (CBMGMA).  Client referrals are the absolute best form of compliment to our service and truly fuel our business.  As always, we thank you sincerely for your referrals and recommendations.


Corpus Christi Urology Group, LLC

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Peacetime Propaganda is a creative design studio in Austin, Texas.  We provide virtually every type of print product as well as web design, company newsletters, and social media design services.  Contact us about your creative design needs today.


“Stock farming” Google images for designers

Google images is powerful, really powerful. It can also be extremely helpful to the concept design process.

Quick tip: We call it “stock farming“.

  1. Download all the stock image comps you need for your next project via iStockphoto, Masterfile or any of the various stock vendor sites
  2. Go to Google images
  3. Drag and drop each of your stock files into the Google images search bar (below) and wait for the results


Several things can happen at this point:

    1. Google finds the exact file with the watermark
    2. Google finds the exact image without the watermark at higher or lower qualities than you need
    3. Google finds nothing because the image is too faint, abstract or unpopular

The examples below show the original watermarked image on the left and the farmed Google images on the right.  In the “builder” example, multiple images were found, all larger.  In other cases, like the middle example of “board members”, the search resulted in a smaller image.  Finally, in the “sunrise” example, multiple sizes were found including 1024 x 768, 1600 x 1200 and 2560 x 1600.


Stock farming is especially helpful if only a portion of the image is needed because the larger, non-watermarked version will be easier to extract from than the stock comp. This process is also beneficial while working under a shortened deadline, as all designers know well, it can be difficult and time consuming to remove or work around a watermark in order to produce a high quality concept.

Google images is sometimes even better at finding visually similar images than the stock photography site hosting the original image.

So you farmed all the non-watermarked images you need, now what?  Did you outsmart the system?  NO!

YOU MUST PURCHASE THE IMAGE LICENSE if it makes it into the final design.  *This would be a good time to mention that Peacetime Propaganda has purchased the rights to use each of the images in this demonstration.

Stock farming gives designers the ability to deliver a better quality concept without having to purchase potential design elements before they are approved by the client.  Many times as designers we feel very strongly about a particular concept but presenting low quality imagery to the client may not result in the same level of enthusiasm.

Watermarks are completely necessary, and as designers we must understand copyright protection.  Be ethical; always support each other’s crafts; it’s never okay to steal someone’s work.  If your moral compass is a little disoriented in this area, imagine yourself being sued as the grim alternative.

Sneak Peak: Najvar Law Firm Website Design

Najvar Law Firm is a Houston-based firm led by Jerad Najvar; their main focus areas are political law, ethics, litigation and appeals.  The site and blog (Lex Politico) are set to be completed by mid-February 2013.



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Sneak Peek: Riverview Tax & Accounting Website Design

We’re kicking off 2013 with a new website design project for Riverview Tax & Accounting. Riverview Tax is a locally-owned, full-service tax and accounting firm located in the heart of historic downtown Dubuque, Iowa.

View the full concept

Because of it’s downtown location and proximity to the Mississippi River we wanted to incorporate some local iconic imagery to convey Dubuque’s historic charm.  Most of the photography was generously provided by John Kunze, a photographer from West Bend, WI.


Working only from their existing logo and the apt name of “Riverview”, we had creative free reign and we’re confident the hometown feel will convey a sense of local pride and loyalty for new and existing clientele.

We look forward to launching the full website later this month.

Looking to create a new or refresh your current website?  Contact us and let’s talk about your ideas today for tomorrow.

Sneak Peek: Verna Starling Photography Website Design


A sneak peek of the Home “panel” of this soon-to-be single-page website for local Austin wedding, engagement, couples and lifestyle photographer, Verna Starling.

We’ve been hard at work creating the requested ‘chalkboard’ concept and incorporating it into the page design.

An official logo for the artist will accompany the website at its debut before the end of 2012.