Voice & Exit 2014

Peacetime Propaganda is excited to provide event collateral for Voice & Exit 2014 happening today (June 21, 2014) in Austin, Texas, at the Austin Music Hall & Ballet Austin. Today’s event is about MAXIMIZING HUMAN FLOURISHING and features Visionary Talks, Interactive Breakouts and a Festival of Arts.  Peacetime collaborated with LIVbyDesign to produce myriad event signage, banners, display boards, the official Voice & Exit registration badges and event brochure.

Welcome to Voice & Exit banner

Voice & Exit is an event built around a simple idea: human flourishing. We want to explore, celebrate and implement ideas that enable people to find well being, life meaning and stronger connection to others. Sometimes flourishing starts with transformation: speaking up (Voice) or opting out of the status quo (Exit) and creating something new.In a world that is increasingly rife with new insights and innovations that enable flourishing, it can be hard to keep up. Voice & Exit helps navigate all these promising pathways and equips people with the tools for personal and social transformation.

Along with exploring ideas that better enable us to flourish as individuals–such as biohacking, health optimization, positive psychology and expanded consciousness–we explore ways to develop new social operating systems that support happy, healthy, and free societies.

Human flourishing ultimately depends on peaceful cooperation among individuals with overlapping values and complementary preferences. Together we can create a world that supports this vision.

The era of coercion is passing away. The era of Cooperation and Connection has just begun. – voiceandexit.com

Tickets still available at voiceandexit.com.

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