Pop4orm’s Vespa-inspired Facebook follow icon

For most corporations, altering a precious logo in any way for any reason is viewed as a major design faux pas, and could potentially stir up legal trouble.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with Facebook.

Creatively crafted and customized permutations of Facebook’s iconic “f” / “f” for “follow me” icon are everywhere.  From hand-drawn #2 pencil looks to camouflage or tie-dye color schemes –  as long as the heroic lower-case “f” bears a true resemblance and links back to Facebook, then apparently it’s all good.

Facebook is so utterly popular it transcends the traditional rules of brand equity.

Under normal circumstances this is a nightmare scenario for a brand (and for the designer) – “No one messes with our logo!,” exclaimed the fragile designer-ego.

And so we thought it was an interesting topic worth blogging about. Especially since we also took creative liberties, not only on Facebook but also on Piaggio’s logo to create a custom Facebook Follow icon for Pop4orm.com.  In Chicago’s milder months Pop4orm proprietor, Todd Schwarz, can be seen cruising the neighborhoods on his vintage, sea foam green Vespa by Piaggio.  So the recipe for this design was fairly obvious, and the end result is a very subtle graphic homage to Piaggio.  The icon itself is a true representation of Schwarz’s personality – an analog man riding through a digital world.