Post-it® Tool Tips for Adobe Tools

Post-it notes are extremely helpful around the home and office and very versatile.  One of our favorite uses is creating fly-out cheat sheets for various Adobe interfaces in order to help commit the hotkeys/commands to memory.  This method is better than having a separate sheet to refer to; by aligning the Post-it with the toolbar your eye is focusing on the tool and the associated letter simultaneously.  This method can be applied to virtually any tool/toolbar/hotkey/command-heavy program out there.

Simple Post-It hotkey cheat sheet for Adobe Photoshop   Simple Post-It hotkey cheat sheet for Adobe Photoshop CS6

If you have an iMac then you have a virtual Post-it docking station under your display.  In addition to the obvious, here are 8 more really great Post-it uses for designers:

  1. Custom Photoshop action commands you’ve created
  2. Current project fonts and their settings
  3. Useful Photoshop adjustment layer and smart filter parameter settings
  4. Current project color values (RGB, CMYK, hexadecimal)
  5. Current project CSS classes and descriptions
  6. Important recurring pixel height/width dimensions for web design
  7. Short CSS, HTML or Java code snippets you wish to commit to memory
  8. Username/password cheat sheet for frequented sites and FTP servers

Always try to get the longest life from your Post-its and reuse them when you can. When the stickiness starts to fade, use it to clean the little cracks in your keyboard or as coaster for your coffee cup before recycling it for good.