Voice & Exit 2014

Peacetime Propaganda is excited to provide event collateral for Voice & Exit 2014 happening today (June 21, 2014) in Austin, Texas, at the Austin Music Hall & Ballet Austin. Today’s event is about MAXIMIZING HUMAN FLOURISHING and features Visionary Talks, Interactive Breakouts and a Festival of Arts.  Peacetime collaborated with LIVbyDesign to produce myriad event signage, banners, display boards, the official Voice & Exit registration badges and event brochure.

Welcome to Voice & Exit banner

Voice & Exit is an event built around a simple idea: human flourishing. We want to explore, celebrate and implement ideas that enable people to find well being, life meaning and stronger connection to others. Sometimes flourishing starts with transformation: speaking up (Voice) or opting out of the status quo (Exit) and creating something new.In a world that is increasingly rife with new insights and innovations that enable flourishing, it can be hard to keep up. Voice & Exit helps navigate all these promising pathways and equips people with the tools for personal and social transformation.

Along with exploring ideas that better enable us to flourish as individuals–such as biohacking, health optimization, positive psychology and expanded consciousness–we explore ways to develop new social operating systems that support happy, healthy, and free societies.

Human flourishing ultimately depends on peaceful cooperation among individuals with overlapping values and complementary preferences. Together we can create a world that supports this vision.

The era of coercion is passing away. The era of Cooperation and Connection has just begun. – voiceandexit.com

Tickets still available at voiceandexit.com.

Follow on Twitter at #voiceandexit.



Twitter’s new XL profile page layout

Like it or not, the new Twitter layout is here.  Historically, social media overhauls are not well-received — ex: the infamous rollout of Facebook’s news feed. Twitter users have expressed a wide range of reactions to the new look, from excitement to pure hatred. Inevitably, we must all adapt and embrace (or simply endure) the changes.

Emotions aside, and for the sake of professional diplomacy, this post will only quickly focus on a few key points.

Key Updates:

  1. Larger profile images (400 x 400 pixels)*
  2. Larger header images (1500 x 500 pixels)*
  3. Best tweets (basically the more popular the larger the font size)
  4. Pinned tweet (pin a favorite tweet to the top of your profile page)
  5. Tweet filters (view tweets only, tweets and replies, or tweets with photos and/or videos)
  6. Grid view (for your followers, who you’re following and photos/videos)


Image tips (trial and error; repeat):

The profile photo will remain static at 400 x 400 pixels, while the header graphic will scale and zoom in response to the width of the browser window.

Twitter Profile Photo:

  1. You may need to set up a bleed (15 to 20 pixels of padding), because the image appears in a thickly-bordered container with rounded corners.
  2. Remember, the image size will be reduced to 75 x 75 pixels and 50 x 50 pixels (and possibly even smaller in some cases), so be sure to check for quality and legibility at all these sizes until you find the right balance.

Twitter Profile Header (can be tricky):

  1. Twitter recommends 1500 x 5oo pixels, but depending on what content appears in your header you’ll need to keep adjusting the image to fit various widths.
  2. A top and bottom padding of about 20 to 30 pixels is recommended for any important content because the top and sub navigation of the page will slightly cover up your header image.

Remember to check everything out on mobile devices (particularly smartphones) because the width and height on these devices will crop your image in various ways.

We can help:

If all of this is way over your head, contact us and we’ll set your branding up right, not only on Twitter, but across all of the social media platforms you use.

*These are the recommended pixel dimensions at the time of this writing.